Technical Meeting

The technical meeting will take place at the hotel at 20:00. Non Ranked athletes and Pools will be drawn at the Technical Meeting. The Schedule for the First Competition Day will be available online shortly after the Technical

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place in the Venue on the 3rdApril at 17:00.

Medal Ceremonies

Medal Ceremony for individuals will take place in the venue on the 7thApril, shortly after the last matches.
Medal Ceremony for Teams and Pairs will take place in the venue on the 9
thApril, shortly after 
the last matches.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony will take place in the venue on the 9thApril, after the Medal Ceremony


First Meal Provided – Dinner on day of arrival

Last Meal Provided – Breakfast on day of departure

Breakfast and Dinner will be served in the hotel, Lunch will be served in the venue.

The competition schedule will not include lunch breaks, so lunch will be served over a long enough period to allow everyone to eat during the day. It is the responsibility of each country to advise the HOC of any special dietary requirements as part of the final entry.



The competition will be conducted in accordance with the BISFed International Boccia Rules as published on the WorldBoccia website:

Entry to the Warm Up Courts, Call Room and Field of Play will be restricted as per the rules.



It is the rensposibility of the teams to to obtain any necessary Visas to enter Croatia. Please, use the link to check if you require a Visa to visit Croatia.

Please ensure you apply in a good time to obtaine Visas. The HOC will support where is possible, but cannot help if a Visa application is not made in a good time.


At arrival and departure, the HOC will ensure transportation for all delegations and officials from Zagreb Airport to the Hotel and from the Hotel to the Airport.

During competition the HOC will ensure transportation on the route Hotel – Venue- Hotel.

Detailed schedule of transportation will be available in the hotel lobby and the information
desk at the venue.


Insurance and medical

All participating nations must arrange medical and accident coverage including repatriation insurance for the entire length of their stay. The insurance should cover all athletes and staff. The emergency number in the Croatia is 112
The nearest Hospitals with Emergency Services are KBC Sestre Milosrdnice, Vinogradska cesta 29 (1,9km from the venue) and KB Sveti Duh, ul. Sveti Duh 64 (2,4km from the venue). There will be First Aid provision at the venue.


Doping control

There will be a minimum of 4 in competition tests and 2 out of competition tests during the event.


Covid protocol

A negative PCR test not older than 72 hours on arrival is mandatory for all participants. The HOC will follow the Covid measures from the National Health Authority and WorldBoccia. All participants will be tested on COVID on April 7 in the Venue.

In Croatia, face masks are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces and in public transport. Please make sure you have enough masks for the entire duration of the tournament. At the entry to the competition venue all participants must pass a temperature check. Any individual with a temperature above 37,5°C will be reported to the HOC and will not be permitted to enter the venue or participate in the event further unless and until a negative test result for COVID-19 is produced. He/she will be sent to the isolation room and Health Authorities will be notified.

Report to the Covid Official any suspicion that a team member presents symptoms of COVID-19. The individual and any team members with whom he/she has been in close contact must also isolate and will only be allowed back to the competition on production of a negative COVID-19 test after the relevant local incubation period. If you notice a suspicion that you are infected while in the venue, notify the Covid Official immediately. She will refer you to further procedures. If you notice a suspicion that you are infected while you are at the hotel, immediately inform the
hotel reception, which will refer you to further procedures. All participants suspected of being infected will be isolated in their hotel room. If there is a need to stay in the hotel after April 10, they pay the costs of the extended stay.

If you want / need to take the COVID test before going home, please inform us in advance at or do it no later than the day of arrival at the information desk at the hotel.